Copyright and Reprint Permission Request Form

Before filling out this form, please carefully read our Copyright and Terms of Use page to see if you need to submit a copyright permission request. For many of our materials, including fact sheets, brochures, toolkits, and wellness modules, if you follow the Terms of Use guidelines, you do not need to seek permission for private use.

This form is required:

  • If you diverge from the guidelines, such as seeking permission to change a work, charge for a work, or distribute the work to an audience.

  • If you are seeking permission related to Visions Journal and its articles, or any Personal Stories. (All articles from Visions are appended with a note saying they are from Visions, including issue and page numbers.)

Requester information

Please include country code if you are outside North America
Please include country code if you are outside North America

Publication Information

If you have several publications, and the request is the same for each, please separate the titles with semicolons. If each intended use is different, please fill out a separate form for each resource.
There are sometimes different versions of our materials, particularly in print circulation. The date will help us know which version you are interested in.

Intended Use

include approximate start and end date if known
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