From a non-Western culture? Using alternative treatments? Contact us by April 10!

Thu, 03/12/2015 - 12:13

Share your story!

HeretoHelp produces Visions magazine, and personal stories from it are featured throughout the website and in our print publication.

Our readers voted this spring and our upcoming recovery issue of Visions is looking at Treatments: What Works? We want to talk about evidence-based treatments for mental health and substance use conditions and help readers navigate the world of complementary and alternative treatments (some of which have research evidence they work and some of which do not). By "treatments," we're considering things where a professional is involved, as well as things you'd ingest to get a specific effect. There are a lot of complex attitudes and even misinformation about a lot of treatments and we want to help people separate fact from fiction.

We want to hear from someone with a personal experience (themself or as a family member) if

  • you've tried complementary/alternative treatments alongside mainstream or more conventional treatments
  • you're willing to talk about the pros and the cons of all the treatments you've tried, including the complementary/alternative ones (or even cons alone if an alternative treatment didn't work or caused you harm)
  • there's a cultural tension in your story -- for example, you are Aboriginal or from a non-Western culture -- and it's been tricky for you (and/or your family) to reconcile the Western things you've tried with the non-Western things you've tried
  • you live in British Columbia, Canada

Contact us before April 10 and we may invite you to contribute to Visions! Articles are less than 2 pages long and you'd have several weks to write. You'd even get a small $75 honorarium after publication if we ok you to write. And remember you don't have to be a "writer" to write for Visions. Our professional editor will also work with you to shape your story. If you can write an email and have a story to tell, you can write for us. Interested? Please don't start writing just yet. Contact us at first!