School Resources for BC

We have developed a resource that we hope will be useful to school professionals in BC. If you visit our searchable database, or at-a-glance PDF,  you can learn more about BC Partners' educational resources for schools that are related to mental health promotion, mental illness and/or substance use. An advisory committee of school professionals has been helping us by reviewing our materials.

The BC Partners school catalogue includes programs, services, resources

  • Designed or adapted by members of the BC Partners or their branches

  • Currently being delivered (or are available to be used) in BC

  • Used in or by schools (K-12 only)—or are somehow connected to schools

  • Related to some aspect of mental health, mental illness, and/or substance use

Resources include: printed materials such as tip sheets, booklets, pamphlets; educational activities such as presentations/workshops/events by community agencies; audio-recordings, videos or films (including CDs and DVDs), training materials (for teachers, students, or parents), and internet sites. We will also include important information around cost, evaluation, subject matter, and community availability.

If you have questions about the guide, you can contact us at


Q: Why is this guide only featuring BC Partners resources?

We had originally hoped our guide would be a comprehensive directory of school-based mental health and substance use resources. However, we have decided to narrow the focus of this resource due to the fact that the Mental Health Commission of Canada will be developing a national school-based resource guide. The data that has already been provided us on valuable programs in BC will find a better venue in a more comprehensive, Canada-wide, catalogue and has been forwarded to the Commission to help them in creating that guide.