Videos and Apps We Like

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There are many videos and apps about mental health and substance use that have been developed or are recommended by the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information. These videos and apps can help support you, your family member or your client in better understanding or managing their mental health and substance use.

Videos We Like

  • Symptoms and Strategies for Social Anxiety, PTSD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder are new, short animations for parents that explain these anxiety disorders in children and teens in easy to understand ways.

  • Easy Separation is a short animation on separation anxiety and how parents can help their kindergarten-aged child.

  • Men’s mental health is explored by Cory Weeds, musician and producer, who shares his personal journey with anxiety and depression. He urges men to open up and seek support.

  • In the Know webinars for families explore topics and provide tools related to child and youth mental health and substance use.

  • The Cycles video is about fictional high school students and how their decisions around cannabis use might be affected by, or may impact, their relationships.

  • My Anxiety Plan (MAP) and Orientation video helps you to create an anxiety plan for yourself or a child when you are waiting for treatment or unable to access treatment.

Apps We Like

  • The Alcohol Reality Check app gives personalized feedback related to your pattern of alcohol use as compared to Canada’s Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking Guidelines.

  • HeretoHelp screenings web app helps you reflect on your mental well-being, mood and anxiety and figure out next steps.

  • Good to Go app offers you some straight answers about how alcohol, other drugs, your mood and everyday distractions can affect your driving skills.

  • thinkFull app for iPhone helps you track your stress levels and tailors suggestions from a catalogue of hundreds of stress-busting tips—including many from BC Partners.

  • MindShift app is an evidence-based, free and portable anxiety coach that helps you manage anxiety.