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Since 1997, Visions: BC’s Mental Health and Addictions Journal has been a leading resource for British Columbians who experience mental illness or substance use problems, support a loved one, or work as professionals or advocates in the field. Visions brings together research, personal experiences and innovative programs in articles that reflect diverse communities and points of view.

Visions is produced by the Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division (CMHA BC) on behalf of the seven non-profits that make up the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information: AnxietyBC, the BC Schizophrenia Society, CMHA BC, the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research, Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health, Jessie’s Legacy eating disorders prevention and awareness (a Family Services of the North Shore program), and the Mood Disorders Association of BC. Funding for Visions is provided by BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services, an agency of the Provincial Health Services Authority.

An expanded editorial board

Editorial board members shape the topic and direction for each issue of Visions during fun and engaging brainstorming meetings. The editorial board is composed of representatives from members of the BC Partners, plus a topic-specific guest editor. To improve Visions, in 2013 we expanded the editorial board to include external members to better reflect diverse communities and points of view. External members sit alongside current editorial board members and contribute ideas, knowledge and experiences as we work together to educate, enlighten, inspire, and spark conversations about well-being. Some of our members' two-year terms are now up so we are seeking new members.

In order to represent all British Columbians, we are currently seeking members from the Cariboo/Central Interior or Northern part of BC (or, if living elsewhere in BC who still have strong networks with people in the Cariboo/North).

Active participation on the editorial board involves:

  • Suggesting specific areas of focus based on the issue theme
  • Suggesting topic-specific guest editors to join each issue
  • Identifying possible programs, research, innovations or topics to feature in Visions
  • Identifying possible writers or contributors for Visions*
  • Attending at least 2 of 4 annual editorial board meetings, held during working hours**

*Being on the Editorial Board does not mean you have to write articles for Visions, but it does mean you would help us identify people we could invite to write.

**There are four editorial board meetings per year, each lasting around 90 minutes. Members living outside the Lower Mainland would be asked to join by toll-free teleconference.

  • Experience related to working in mental health or substance use fields (e.g., clinician, researcher, program staff or volunteer)
  • Membership and connection to various mental health or substance use networks, such as professional associations, boards, inter-agency committees, communities of practice etc
  • Connections to networks in the Cariboo or North
  • Lived experience with mental health or substance use is always an asset, but is not a requirement (as we do have lots of members already who bring lived experience to their role)

Editorial board terms are one year. A member’s term may be renewed for one additional year.

Compensation and Benefits

There are many benefits to joining the Editorial Board:

  • Receiving a $75 honorarium per year, after your participation in 2 of 4 issues has been completed
  • Shaping a publication that is read by more than 24000 people in print, 1500 in email, and 5000 per issue/per year online
  • Sharing new perspectives and profiling new or lesser-known resources and programs
  • Connecting and networking with representatives of the seven provincial mental health and addictions non-profits behind Visions
  • Learning from the experience of amazing issue-specific guest editors
  • Having your name printed in the masthead of each issue and on the HeretoHelp.bc.ca’s Visions page
  • Getting more free copies of Visions, if requested, to share with your networks
How to apply

Fill out the form below. Your answers may be shared with other members of the editorial board for purposes of candidate selection but are otherwise confidential and will not be made public. If you have any questions, please email visions@heretohelp.bc.ca.


Application deadline: January 12, 2017

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Please provide the name of one reference of someone who can speak to your ability to come up with ideas and participate actively in a group discussion.