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Submitting Resources to HeretoHelp

At the BC Partners, we know the depth of this website is one of its strengths. But we also know we could provide more information in a lot of areas and we can't do it all ourselves. If you're an organization in BC with good-quality, evidence-based material supporting people with mental health and substance use issues, think about adding your resources to the HeretoHelp website.

Why should you consider adding your educational resources to this site?

  • People will have greater access to good information to improve their well-being

  • You'd still be able to feature your materials on your own website

  •  If you don't have a website, this is a good way to disseminate your materials through an existing site people trust

  • As you would be acknowledged as the content developer, you would help promote yourself and your materials to other agencies in BC, Canada and internationally

  • Your materials would include a link to your agency which could increase your web profile and visitors

  • We would give you yearly statistics telling you how often your resources were accessed on our site

  • Other agencies may be interested in accessing and adapting your materials, with your permission, allowing you to help even more people

  • Once we give you permission, you would be able to add a button and/or RSS feed to your site showing your alliance with HeretoHelp

  • Your materials would be endorsed by the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information and you could promote them as such

How do I know if my materials are a fit?

If you're interested in submitting materials to live on HeretoHelp, answer these following questions. If you answer Yes to all of them, we will follow-up with you. (Please note this is not a guarantee; we have other, more detailed criteria we use to assess new materials on the site and maintain the right to refuse to add any content.)

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