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Editor's Message

Sarah Hamid-Balma

Reprinted from the "Indigenous People" issue of Visions Journal, 2016, 11 (4), pp. 4

This issue, voted for by readers, feels incredibly timely. The planning for it began just days after our new Prime Minister and two Indigenous cabinet ministers were sworn in. Not long after, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission released its historic report, suicides in the Attawapiskat community garnered national attention, and the Supreme Court of Canada made a landmark ruling about government’s responsibility to non-status Aboriginal people. More and more, it seems, Indigenous issues are being talked about. We hope to play our part in the conversation in the pages ahead —in particular, helping unpack and make real some very complex issues.

I cannot thank our contributors and their colleagues enough for their generosity of time and expertise. The images are particularly symbolic for me. For the first time ever, not a single stock photograph was needed. Each image comes directly from a contributor: real people all sharing and shaping their stories their way. After reading this issue, I hope you feel humbled yet hopeful, as I have.

About the author
Sarah is Visions Editor and Director of Mental Health Promotion at the Canadian Mental Health Association’s BC Division

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