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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Getting Help For...

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AnxietyBC™ is a leader in developing online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders. AnxietyBC also developed MindShift, a free app that teaches you how to manage anxiety.

Eating disorders prevention and awareness

Jessie’s Legacy provides evidence-based eating disorders prevention education, resources and support for BC youth, families, educators, and professionals.

Mood disorders and homelessness |

The Lookout Housing and Health Society’s MDABC site provides self-help support groups, psychiatric services, counselling and psychoeducation to adult British Columbians touched by mood and anxiety disorders.

Schizophrenia and psychosis

BC Schizophrenia Society provides education and caring support to families affected by schizophrenia and aims to improve the quality of life of those affected through education, support, advocacy and research.

Understanding and managing substance use

Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research is dedicated to the study of substance use in support of community-wide efforts aimed at providing everyone with access to healthier lives, whether using substances or not.

Support for child and youth mental health

The Institute of Families creates In the Know webinars, FamilySmart® Practice Tools and other health literacy resources and programs to support the mental health of children and youth. All our information, tools and resources are developed with and for youth and young adults, families and service providers.

Any mental illness or substance use problem, including prevention

Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division, helps people access the resources they need to maintain and improve mental health, build resilience and support recovery from mental illness.


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