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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Support for Schools

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The BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information provide evidence-based resources for educators and school professionals.

Host an event

We offer a wide range of events to increase awareness of and reduce stigma around mental health and substance use challenges. These events provide information for students from elementary school through to university. Some examples include:

  • Beyond the Blues: Education and Screening Days
    A campaign each fall and winter to help people start conversations around mental health while learning how to recognize and prevent problems with stress, mood, anxiety and risky drinking. The program provides a range of free support for events in BC schools.

  • ReachOut Psychosis
    An exciting, interactive free in-school presentation for youth aged 16–25 that uses music and poetry to help youth and teachers learn how to spot, intervene and seek help for psychosis.

  • Jessie’s Legacy School and Community Presentations
    Presentations that address eating disorders, disordered eating, media awareness, resiliency skills, and education about weight and shape bias for grades 4 through 12, parents, and educators. Available primarily within the Lower Mainland for a nominal fee.

Find information and resources for teachers and school professionals

There is a wealth of information created by the BC Partners that can support educators and other school professionals to promote health and address mental health and substance use. Some examples:

  • Helping Schools offers resources (e.g. iMinds), consultation and training services to assist educators in providing effective drug education.

  • Quicklinks for Educators equips educators with information and effective strategies for supporting students with mild-to-moderate anxiety.

  • Healthy Minds | Healthy Campuses is a community of practice, a network of people who care about creating mentally healthier post-secondary environments.

  • Visions Magazine is a quarterly magazine which covers a variety of mental health and substance use topics including many relevant to educators. Visions is written by and for people with lived experience, families and service providers.


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