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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Post-Summit Activities

Keynote address

It Takes a Whole Campus...Promoting Mental Health for Students, Faculty and Staff

Trevor Hancock

Keynote presentation

Twenty-five years ago, the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion launched the 'settings approach' to health promotion. The promotion of physical and mental health takes place in the settings where we live, learn, work and play--and we do all four at universities and colleges. In this presentation, Trevor will discuss the principles of health promotion in general, and the evidence base for mental health promotion and the prevention of mental disorders. From this basis, he will suggest what it will take to make our campuses mentally healthy settings for students, staff and faculty.

Catalyst presentation

Will You, Won't You Join the Dance? Campus Alcohol Policy

Denise De Pape, Manik Saini, Dan Reist and Tim Dyck

Catalyst presentation

A multi-component session that entertains the use of a socio-ecological model to reduce harms related to alcohol on post-secondary campuses. The model can easily be applied to a variety of mental health and substance use issues.

Catalyst session

Student Consultant Panel Interview

Rahul Jain, Kari Michaels, Heather Palis

Catalyst session

 This plenary dialogue session serves as an opportunity to position a group of students as consultants about the project of promoting mental health and reducing harmful substance use. Representatives from a number of BC college and university campuses have been invited to speak from their vantage point as students.

Keynote address

Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses--The Camosun College Experience

Nicole Greengoe

Keynote presentation

 Nicole will speak to the implementation of a mental health framework on the Camosun College campus, the benefits of doing so, the ways in which opportunities have been found to further this good work, and exciting posibilities for the future.


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