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Mental Health

Managing Depression

Module #1 | Module #2 | Module #3 | also available in Slovenian

This series of three toolkits discuss discuss and take you through the process of diagnosis, working with a health professional and preventing relapse. You'll find tips and self-management strategies as well as tools and activities to better understand and manage depression.

Dealing with a Depression Diagnosis

A depression diagnosis can be particularly hard to deal with—you may be wondering why this has happened to you and how the diagnosis will affect your life. This toolkit identifies the initial questions you may be asking after your diagnosis, such as "why me?" and "why did it take so long to get a diagnosis?" and takes you to the next steps of thinking about treatment, recovery and beyond. [read more...]

Working with your Doctor for Depression

Talking to your health professional about your diagnosis is an important first step in your journey to wellness. This toolkit helps you make decisions around your treatment plan and discusses what you should know about talking to your mental health professional before and during your appointment. It also helps you track your progress between doctor's visits in orderto get a better picture of the situation. [read more...]

Preventing Relapse of Depression

Planning ahead is an effective way of lowering the risk of your relapse—when your depression symptoms come back or get worse. This toolkit provides steps you can take to monitor your well-being and take action when you need it by identifying your warning signs, creating an action plan and practicing self-care. [read more...]

Depression modules in Slovenian

The Depression Modules are also available in the Slovenian language. The translation was done by and for a mental health agency concerned with depression and anxiety in Slovenia called DAM Society. The BC Partners have given permission for the modules to be translated, but we did not oversee nor fund the translation. The translated toolkit has had minor adaptations from the original English to make sense for the Slovenian population. It has been reviewed by a bilingual mental health professional in Slovenia. The minor adaptations have been approved by the BC Partners, although the BC Partners cannot attest to the quality of the final translation into Slovenian. Please contact DAM Society for more information on the quality assurance process that was used in the translation.


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