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The BC Partners "toolkits" are workbooks to help you build knowledge and practice skills to manage a mental health or substance use problem, or support a loved one to do so. All of them all profiled in our Learn Skills section by topic area, or by publication name below if you know the one you want to find:

Anxiety Disorders Toolkit
A manual specially tailored for those with anxiety problems or a diagnosed anxiety disorder. A comprehensive and helpful resource that also features quizzes.

Depression Toolkit
A series of three toolkits to help you understand, manage and prevent relapse of depression.

Coping with depression during pregnancy and following the birth
This workbook has been contributed to HeretoHelp by our partners at the BC Reproductive Mental Health Program of BC Mental Health and Addiction Services. We highly recommend this resource for women wanting to learn self-help skills to prevent and manage depression during pregnancy and after birth. 

Family Self-Care and Recovery From Mental Illness Manual
This manual is designed for families of people dealing with a mental illness. It will help family members be informed caregivers, including taking care of themselves and other family members and maintaining their own health.

How You Can Help: A Toolkit for Families (aka the Family Toolkit)
If you're a family member, friend or other carer, this workbook aims to help walk you through what you need to know about helping someone you love struggling with a mental or substance use disorder.

Mental Disorders Toolkit
A series of three toolkits to help you understand, manage and prevent relapse of a mental disorder.

You and Substance Use Workbook
This workbook uses stories, quotes, cartoons, and lots of questions and tips to guide you through the process of understanding more about the role of alcohol or other drugs in your life.

Wellness Modules
A series of worksheets on various topics to do with mental well-being including stress management, exercise, nutrition, emotions, relationships and thinking patterns. A useful resource for everyone.

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