Read each statement and record the score of the response that best reflects how you have been feeling during the past month. Add up your selected responses to find out your Total Wellness Score


Almost Always
(5 points)

(4 pts)

Half the Time
(3 pts)

(2 pts)

(1 pt)

I felt self-confident

I felt satisfied with what I was able to accomplish - I felt proud of myself

I was a "go-getter" - I took on lots of projects

I felt emotionally balanced

I felt loved and appreciated

I had goals and ambitions

I felt like having fun, participating in sports and all my favourite activities and hobbies

I felt useful

I smiled easily

I was true to myself, being natural at all times

I did a good job of listening to my friends

I was curious and interested in all sorts of things

I was able to clearly sort things out when faced with complicated situations

I found life exciting and I wanted to enjoy every moment of it

My life was well-balanced between my family, personal and professional activities

I was quite calm and level-headed

I was able to easily find answers to my problems

I got along well with everyone around me

I lived at a normal pace, not doing everything excessively

I had the impression of really enjoying life

I had a good sense of humour, easily making my friends laugh

I felt good, at peace with myself

I felt healthy and in good shape

I was able to face difficult situations in a positive way

My morale was good

Your wellness score out of 125 = 0