General Stress Issues

You're trying to take on too many things at once

There is too much pressure on you to be like other people

Too much is expected of you by others

You or a loved one have recently achieved a major goal


You have a lot of conflict with your boss or teacher

You have a lot of conflict with your co-workers or classmates

You have experienced major changes in your hours or responsibilities at work

Someone is always observing or supervising what you do at work or school

You are often very tired at the end of work or school

You don't get paid enough for what you do

Your work or school work is boring and repetitive

Your current job is a dead-end job with little room for promotion

You have no control over the pace of work or school

You want to change jobs or career but don't feel you can

You are looking for a job and can't find the one you want

You feel like being a homemaker is not appreciated

You want to achieve more at work/school but things get in the way

You or your spouse/partner recently started a new job/school

You or your spouse/partner recently lost your job or quit school

You have an unusual amount of work/homework these days

You or your spouse/partner recently retired

You or your spouse/partner are changing to a different line of work


You or a loved one recently experienced a major injury or health problem

A long-term illness prevents you from doing things you like to do

Someone in your family or a close friend has a long-term illness or handicap

Someone in your family or a loved one has an alcohol or drug problem

A loved one is in bad health and may die soon

A loved one recently died or you are still actively grieving a loved one

You have experienced problems or changes in your eating patterns

You have experienced problems or changes in your sleeping habits

You have a disability that makes you feel dependent on others

Love and Marriage

You recently became engaged or married

You recently started living together with your romantic partner

You recently started a new romantic relationship

Your relationship restricts your freedom

You have recently separated or divorced

You have too little time to talk to your spouse/partner

Your spouse/partner does not understand you or expects too much of you

You and your spouse/partner have different social needs

You don't get what you deserve out of your relationship

Your spouse/partner doesn't show enough affection

Your spouse/partner is not committed enough to your relationship

Your sexual needs are not fulfilled by this relationship

You are distressed or confused about your sexual orientation

Your sexual orientation is creating difficulties with family, friends or community

There are too many changes in your relationship with others

You are alone too much

You wonder whether you will ever get married (or get married again)

Your spouse/partner is always threatening to leave or end the relationship

You find it is too difficult to find someone compatible with you

You have a lot of conflict with your spouse/partner or ex-spouse/ex-partner

You and your spouse/partner recently reconciled after being apart

Money and Financial Matters

Your rent or mortgage is too high

You have a long-term debt or loan

You don't have enough money to take vacations

You don't have enough money to fix things

You are facing bankruptcy or foreclosure on a loan/mortgage

Substantial decrease or increase in money or income

A recent windfall (e.g., inheritance, lottery winnings) is causing conflict or major life changes

Your income is unstable - perhaps due to temporary or contract work, a new business or difficulties getting work

You don’t have enough money to buy the things you or your kids need

Social Life and Recreation

You don't have enough time for a social life

Your friends are a bad influence

You have to go to social events alone and you don't want to

You are about to go on vacation

You don't have time for your favourite leisure time activities

A major celebration or get-together is taking place

Legal & Criminal Matters

You or a loved one have been detained in jail or prison

You or a loved one facing minor law violation (speeding ticket, etc)

You or a loved one are facing major criminal charges

You are coping with some other form of legal problem or procedure

You are often afraid you will be attacked or robbed

You or a loved one is coping with a court case or trial


Your church/religion/spiritual practice demands too much

You recently started or stopped attending religious or spiritual activities

You are not satisfied with your current church, temple, mosque, or synagogue

Your family or a loved one disagrees with your religious or spiritual views

You are struggling with a religious or spiritual issue

Family and Children

A relative is moving in with you

You are gaining a new family member via birth or adoption

You wish you could have children but you cannot

One of your children seems very unhappy

One or more children spend too much time away from the house

You feel your children don't listen to you

One or more children do not do well enough at school

One of your children is leaving home

There have been increases or decreases in the number of family get-togethers

Your children don't help around the house

You think you are not a good parent

There is fighting and conflict among family members

You are not satisfied with your family

You are a single parent and it seems like you have to do twice as much


You want to live closer to or further away from your family

You would like to move but you cannot

The place you live is too noisy or polluted

There are high rates of crime in your neighbourhood

Your family lives too far away

You recently moved your residence

Your home is damaged or deteriorating

You are renovating or remodelling your home