Support Survey: How Much Support Do I Have In My Life?

Read each statement and record the score of the response that best reflects how you feel. Add up your selected responses to find out how much support you have.

  Very much like me Much like me Somewhat like me Not very much like me Not at all like me

When I am with my friends, I feel completely able to relax and be myself

I share the same approach to life that many of my friends do

People who know me trust me and respect me

No matter what happens, I know that my family will always be there for me should I need them

When I want to go out to do things I know that many of my friends would enjoy doing these things with me

I have at least one friend I could tell anything to

Sometimes I’m not sure if I can completely rely on my family

People who know me think I am good at what I do

I feel very close to some of my friends

People in my family have confidence in me

My family lets me know they think I am a worthwhile person

People in my family provide me with help in finding solutions to my problems

My friends would take the time to talk over my problems, should I ever want to

I know my family will always stand by me

Even when I am with my friends I feel alone

Support from Friends Score: 0
Support from Family Score: 0
Total Score: 0

Source: Provision of Social Relations (PSR) Inventory (Turner, Frankel & Levin, 1983)