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Mental Health

RESPECT: A rap song for teens

Noah Davis

Reprinted from "Men" issue of Visions Journal, 2004, 2 (5), p. 19

This exerpt form the rap song RESPECT was written by Noah Davis under the moniker Mosaik. The entire song is performed by the Rubix Project, a collaboration of hip hop lyricist Achilleas and Mosaik, and producer/writer/musician Josh Zotzman. See “stuff we’ve done” at


 It’s all about respect.

 We get our mindsets correct.

 Pull together

 and form a gender balance.

 United, no doubt we can end the violence.

 Divided, we will be destroyed by the silence.

 It’s not about him or her, they or them, you or me;

 it’s about us together in unity,

 becoming agents

 of social changes

 to build immunity

 to the ignorance which becomes contagious.

 Attack sexual assault through prevention

 our best weapon:


 Open discussion to understand what we facin.’

 Intimacy is a mutual decision.

 You have the right to say no,

 and the responsibility to listen.

 Rape is a social condition

 created by labels and gender stereotypes.

 Set your own values, be aware of your rights.

 You have the right to be sexual

 but it must be consensual.

 And that union must be based on trust.

 To force yourself upon another

 has nothing to do with lust;

 it’s struggle for power and control.

 But if you feel the need to have power over someone else

 you’re trying to compensate for a lack of power in yourself.

 To be able to respect those around you

 respect within is what it comes down to.



 my life, my rights, my choice


 my love, my body, my voice

About the author

Noah is an actor, writer, rapper, feminist, agent of social change, and youth program developer and facilitator. He has worked in Victoria with the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre’s Project Respect ream and is currently in Vancouver working with SafeTeen.

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