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Reprinted from "Young People: Self-Injury" issue of Visions Journal, 2017, 13 (2), p. 40

Self-Injury Outreach & Support (SiOS)

SiOS offers information for people who experience self-injury as well as parents, partners, school professionals, mental health professionals, and medical professionals. Learn more about self-injury, find coping strategies, explore research, and see where you can do for help.

Self-Harm and Suicide: A suicide prevention toolkit

This toolkit from the Centre for Suicide Prevention discusses self-injury, the differences between self-injury and suicide attempts, and what to do if you are concerned about a loved one.

Self-Injury and Recovery Research and Resources

The Cornell Research Program on Self-Injury and Recovery offers information and resources on self-injury, including a course for parents of young people who self-injure.

Self-Harm info sheet

Learn what self-injury can look like, who it affects, and where to go for help in BC.

Pinwheel Education Series: Self-Harm & Healthy Coping Tools

This is a recording of the Self-Harm & Healthy Coping Tools education session from Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, which discusses self-injury, coping strategies, and different treatment options.

in the know: Self-Harm in Young People

This recording of an in the know education session helps parents and caregivers understand self-injury in young people, respond in supportive and helpful ways, set realistic expectations, and seek help.

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