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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Know where to go if you need more help

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Sometimes no matter how hard you try to fix things yourself, you end up having to call in extra help. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Note: This doesn’t mean giving up control of your mind, body, heart or spirit. You are still the boss. You are still the one who makes the final decisions about the type and degree of changes you make.

One way to get help is to talk to a doctor you trust and feel comfortable confiding in. Another way is to seek help from family and friends. Refer to your support circle to find people you can talk to when you’re having a rough time and need help sticking to your plan.

If you need help from professionals, call the Alcohol and Drug Information Referral Service to find support in your area. To get help anywhere in BC, call 1-800-663-1441. In Greater Vancouver, call 604-660-9382.

For information about substances and related issues

Centre for Addictions Research of BC:


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