Safer Use Series

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While no substance is completely safe, people who use substances can reduce the risks of some harms.

Safer Cannabis Use: Cannabis, Hash, Hash Oil

Reduce your risk of lung problems, mental health problems and legal issues.

Learn more about...

  • Staying safe
  • Preventing some health problems
  • Recognizing when the best option is avoiding use

Safer Drinking: Beer, wine and spirits

Reduce your risk of problems related to drinking too much, too often or in risky environments.

Learn more about...

  • Choosing a safer place when you go out
  • Avoiding long-term health risks
  • Taking care of someone who passed out or ODs

Safer Injecting: Opioids, crack and crystal meth

Reduce your risk of infections, disease and overdose.

Learn more about...

  • Injecting safely
  • Recognizing an overdose and helping someone who overdoses
  • Finding safer injection products

Safer Smoking: Crack and crystal meth

Reduce your risk of burns, infections, disease, overdose, nutrition problems and dehydration.

Learn more about...

  • Reducing the health risks
  • Recognizing an overdose and helping someone who overdoses
  • Finding safer smoking products

Safer Tripping: Magic mushrooms, LSD, and other hallucinogens

Reduce your risk of bad trips (scary and stressful experiences), injuries from falls or accidents, and mental health problems.

Learn more about...

  • Making a trip safer
  • Handling a bad trip
  • Helping someone else through a bad
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