I am a believer

Across systems and provinces to finally find the 'magic.'
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If you’re worried about yourself, you may not know what to do next. Here, you’ll find information, resources and tools to help you take charge of your mental health and support your journey to wellnessmore

Family Members

When your family member or loved one experiences a mental health or substance use problem, it’s important to learn as much as you can so you can take an active role in their recovery—and take care of yourself, too . more


Learn how to use this site if you’re a professional supporting a client or family membermore

Connected to School or Campus?

Here, you’ll find resources for school and campus professionalsmore

Learn more about clozapine for treatment-resistant/refractory psychosis with tips from @BCSchizophrenia at http://t.co/IKjqvoTokk
RT @PickledTInker: RT! #Parents!! Join us as we learn about teens with Dr. Saari! Next Wednesday April 22nd in #Vancouver #mentalhealth htt…

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