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Conversations with BC Partners organizations

BC Partners organizations host discussions about mental health and well-being, mental illnesses, treatment and management, and more. Hear stories from people who are taking care of their mental health or supporting a loved one and learn from experts who share evidence-based treatments and promising strategies.

Anxiety Canada | #OurAnxietyStories

logo of the #OurAnxietyStories podcast

Want to learn more about anxiety and hear people from all walks of life share their experiences with anxiety?

Welcome to #OurAnxietyStories – The Anxiety Canada Podcast, hosted by John Bateman.

Learn more about #OurAnxietyStories at

BC Schizophrenia Society | Look Again: Mental Illness Re-Examined

logo of the Look Again podcast

Look Again: Mental Illness Re-Examined will take a close look at the reality of serious mental illness, and the role we can all play in helping those who live with it lead the most productive lives possible. This podcast will speak with medical experts, families, and people with lived experience of mental illness to dispel myths and get to the truth. Be prepared for frank conversations, up-to-date medical information, immersive sound design, and stories of hope and resilience. This podcast is for anyone whose life has been touched by mental illness. In other words, it's for everyone.

This podcast aims to humanize the impacts of schizophrenia on families and the worry and thoughts that families face, and aims to highlight the importance of education and support.

Learn more about Look Again: Mental Illness Re-Examined at


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