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I am here to support someone else

This is for anyone who supports someone else, such as a loved one or a client

This is a great place to start if you’d like to learn more about supporting a family member, partner, child, or friend. Supporting someone you care about can be stressful or confusing, and you need information you can trust. You’ll find helpful resources to help you learn more about mental health, mental illness diagnoses, substance use, and other important topics. Our resources can help you be an effective advocate, tackle problems or challenges that might come up, navigate mental health and substance use systems, and build healthier relationships.

This section is also for anyone who supports someone else in the course of their job, such as health professionals, mental health and substance use service providers, school or campus staff, or employers. In addition, professionals can use the For Myself section to find resources they’d like to provide for clients or patients.

Get support

Email us and our information referral experts will answer your questions and
help you find resources, services, programs, or other supports in BC.

Family support and education

Our Events page lists family support groups, education opportunities, and other resources across BC.

Personal stories

Care providers and supporters share their stories and discuss their journeys. Find hope from people who have been there and see what works (or doesn’t work) for others.


Find quick answers to common questions around finding help, navigating mental health and substance use systems, improving mental health, and more.   

An adult in my life seems ill and won’t find help. What can I do?

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Plainer language series

The plainer language booklets are an easy-to-read introduction to mental health, seeking help, and building healthy habits.

Other languages

Find translated info sheets and workbooks in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Farsi/Dari, French, Korean, Punjabi, Japanese, and Vietnamese.

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