Personal Stories

Personal stories highlight the experiences of people just like you. You’ll find stories from people who experience mental health or substance use problems, people who support a loved one, and people who work in mental health or substance use fields. They share their own experiences and perspectives, and describe their personal journeys to understanding, health and well-being.

Personal stories highlight hope and well-being, not treatment advice. Check out the Self-Help Resources section of this site for info sheet and workbooks, and talk to your doctor or health care provider to discuss treatment options that might be a good fit for you.

  1. "Cowboy Dave"

    Just one story from the Cariboo streets Wayne Lucier Reprinted from "Aboriginal People" issue of Visions Journal, 2008, 5 (1), pp. 16-17 My day usually starts with bringing coffee to the people who gather behind Lake City Ford, a common meeting ...

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  2. A Big, Strong Man

    Spencer McDonald Reprinted from "Men" issue of Visions Journal, 2005, 2(5), p. 17 Life is good. I run my own company, give talks on workplace depression to business leaders, and appear on radio and TV. But it wasn't always that way. I' ...

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  3. A Bump in the Road

    How an individual’s crisis affects the family Valentina Chichiniova, MA, RCC, CC Reprinted from "Families and Crisis" issue of Visions Journal, 2017, 12 (4), p. 22 Jay* was encouraged by his psychiatrist and his family to come see me as a counse ...

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  4. A Careful Treatment Plan Helped Dreams Come True

    Managing lithium in pregnancy Julianne Reprinted from "Having a Baby" issue of Visions Journal, 2012, 7(3), pp. 16-19 Having children was always one of my goals. Because I’m a woman who was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder when I was a ...

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  5. A Conversation Between a Mother and Son

    Annie and Scott* Reprinted from "First Responders for Young People" issue of Visions Journal, 2006, 3(2), pp. 17-18 Annie: It took me a long time to understand that Scott was struggling with getting by. I had moved to Edmonton to attend universi ...

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  6. A Daughter's Story

    Donna* Reprinted from "Alcohol" issue of Visions Journal, 2006, 2(9), pp. 23-24 I was 13 years old when I realized that alcohol had taken over my dad's life. One day, when I was 10, I walked home from my grandma's house to find our fro ...

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  7. A Different Kind of Teenage 'Angst'

    Recollecting a Panic-Ridden Adolescence Sarah Reprinted from "Anxiety Disorders" issue of Visions Journal, 2002, 1(14), pp.10-11 I have always felt that I've inherited a hypersensitive nervous system from my mother, and she, from her mother ...

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  8. A Family Story

    An insider’s look at growing up in a family unaware of problems with depression, anxiety and alcohol Murphy Kennedy Reprinted from "Families" issue of Visions Journal, 2004, 2(3), pp. 42-44 As far back as I can remember, I felt like an outsider, ...

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  9. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to my BSW

    Robert Kaye Reprinted from "Supported Education" issue of Visions Journal, 2003, No. 17, p. 19 A funny thing happened on my way to earning a Bachelor of Social Work. I had completed three years of the program when — totally unexpected and withou ...

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  10. A Great Group of Women Talk About Coming Out

    Amanda, Angelica, Christine, Mary, Ormira and group facilitators Sharalyn Jordan and Milica Radovanovik Reprinted from "LGBT" issue of Visions Journal, 2009, 6 (2), pp. 16-18 Coming out is not just about telling others that we are lesbian, gay o ...

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