Visions - Alcohol

PDF | Vol. 2, No. 9 (2006)

Alcohol is one of our society's most accepted drugs, and yet its influences can be devastating. This edition of Visions looks at alcohol use and its personal, social and economic impacts and its effects on mental and physical health. Articles in this issue explore safe drinking guidelines, the link between alcohol and anxiety, nutrition solutions, women and alcohol use, pregnancy and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and the way we talk about alcohol. Different intervention strategies are discussed, and programs dealing with alcohol abuse throughout the BC are described.

  •  Background
    • Editor's message
      (Christina Martens)

    • Alcohol: Our favourite drug
      (Tim Stockwell)

    • Alcohol and British Columbians
      (Sara Perry)

    • How Much is Too Much and How Often is Too Often? Alcohol consumption guidelines
      (Nicole Pankratz)

    • Understanding the Link Between Alcohol and Anxiety
      (Stephenie Gold)

    • The Role of Nutrition in Recovery from Alcohol and Drug Addiction
      (Sarah Fielden)

    • Drinking More and Enjoying it Less: Girls, women and alcohol
      (Nancy Poole, Amy Salmon and Lorraine Greaves)

    • What Knowledge and Whose Knowing Counts? Fetal alcohol syndrome examined
      (Carolyn Schellenberg)

    • Words, Values and Canadians: Toward a common language of diversity and respect
      (Dan Reist)

    • Pregnant Women and Alcohol: We need to move from stigma to support
      (Nancy Poole and Christine Urquhart)

  • Experiences and Perspectives
  • Alternatives and Approaches
    • Harm Reduction, Alcohol and Homelessness: Ottawa's Managed Alcohol Project
      (Kim Meier)

    • A Strength-Based Look: How alcohol use is being addressed at post-secondary institutions in BC
      (Jeff Thompson)

    • Al-Anon and Alateen: Support for the supporters
      (Rose J.)

    • Treatment: What is it? Where do I get it?
      (Dan Reist)

    • Kids Deconstruct Alcohol Advertising Through New Media Education Program

  • Regional Programs
    • Calling the Alcohol and Drug Helpline Can Provide Impetus for Change
      (Hazel Smith)

    • 'Namgis Treatment Centre: A front-line addictions worker calls for more transition services
      (Pat Davis)

    • SWAP Introduces Art Therapy and LGTB-Focused Counselling to Seniors
      (Jane Thomas)

    • A Safe Place for Women in 12-step Recovery Programs: Avalon Recovery Society
      (Michelle MacQuarrie)

    • Sobering and Assessment Centre: VIHA's response
      (George Lowery)

  • Resources