Visions - Concurrent Disorders

PDF | Vol. 2, No. 1 (2004)

This issue of Visions—our largest ever, at 60 pages—explores the theme of co-existing mental health and alcohol/drug use problems from a number of different angles and includes personal stories, approaches and models, regional programs in the community, and resources.

  • Background
    • Editor's Message

      (Eric Macnaughton)

    • Concurrent Disorders: From Solitudes to Similitude?

      (John F. Anderson)

    • Addiction and Concurrent Disorders: What are They and How Can They be Dealt With?

      (BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information)

    • Best Practices: Guidelines for the Treatment and Support of People with Concurrent Substance Use and Mental Disorders

      (Brian Rush)

    • Concurrent Disorders: Considerations for Evidence-Based Policy

      (Gulrose Jiwani and Julian Somers)

    • A History of Alcohol and Drug Services in BC

      (Ron Duffell)

    • Discrimination 2: The Double Stigma Against People with Mental Illness and Addictions

      (Harkirat Kaur)

    • The Hidden Addiction: Adverse Effects of Benzodiazapines and other Psychiatric Drugs

      (Janet Currie)

    • Substance Use by Girls and Young Women: Taking Gender into Account in Prevention and Treatment

      (Nancy Poole)

    • Crystal Meth Psychosis

      (Ian Martin)

  • Experiences and Perspectives
  • Alternatives and Approaches
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety Disorders and Substance Use

      (Nichole Fairbrother)

    • Women's Pain: Working with Women Concurrently on Substance Use, Experience of Trauma and Mental Health Issues

      (Nancy Poole)

    • Concurrent Mood Disorder, Cluster Symptoms and Substance Abuse: A GP's Approach

      (Colin Horricks)

    • Mental Illness, Addiction and the Supervised Injection Facility: New Narratives on the Downtown Eastside

      (Dan Small)

    • Helping People with Concurrent Disorders in the Justice System: The Seattle Mental Health Court Model

      (Jennifer Clarke)

    • Housing, Mental Illness and Substance Misuse

      (John Russell)

    • Uncovering the Elements of Success: Working with Co-occurring Disorders in Residential Support Programs

      (Gary Beaulieu and Thomas Flanders)

    • Providing Services to Clients with Concurrent Disorders

      (Deb Solk)

    • The Comprehensive, Continuous, Integrated System of Care Model

      (Kenneth Minkoff)

  • Regional Programs
    • A Scan Around BC: Reconfiguring Mental Health and Addiction Services in the Health Authorities

      (Mykle Ludvigsen)

    • Concurrent Disorders in the Okanagan Valley: Sketching out Potential Service Options

      (Carmen Lenihan)

    • Vancouver Coastal Health: Redesign of Addictions Services and Concurrent Disorders

      (Susann Richter)

    • On the Street: Mental Illness and Addiction on the Downtown Eastside

      (Cynthia Row and Mykle Ludvigsen)

    • What's so 'Special' about Special Populations? New Programs for Women and Youth with Concurrent Disorders

      (Shimi Kang)

    • Mental Disorders and Addictions in a School Setting

      (Jo Ann Green)

    • Promoting Holistic Wellness in Mental Health and Addictions: A Research Theme of the BC Aboriginal Capacity and Research Development Environment

      (Kim Brooks and Rod McCormick)

  • Resources