Visions - Women

PDF | Vol. 2, No. 4 (2004)

This new look issue of Visions is dedicated to women's mental health and addictions matters, including eating disorders, mothering, rural issues, benzodiazepines and workplaces. Looking through a gender prism will show some very unexpected facets of mental illness and addictions, such as the consequences of violence against women in rural context or ethnic and cultural aspects of substance abuse.

  • Background
    • Editor's Message

      (Christina Martens)

    • Measured Steps...Toward Big Leaps?

      (Nancy Poole)

    • Mental Health and Substance Use: Why women?

      (Marina Morrow)

    • Embodying Beauty: The time has come

      (Tannis Hugill)

    • Women and Benzodiazepines

      (Frances Kirson)

    • Depression and Anxiety Barriers for One in Five Working Women

      (Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division)

    • Women Bear the Brunt of Role Overload

      (D. Nebenzahl)

    • Substance Use Disorders in Pregnancy and Postpartum

      (Shimi Kang) (online only)

    • Painful Pasts: Post-Traumatic Stress in Women Survivors of Canada's Indian Residential Schools

      (Ingrid Söchting)

    • Violence Against Women and Substance Use ina Rural Context

      (Sheila Dick and Colleen Varcoe)

    • How Widespread are Eating Disorders? Misconceptions and realities

      (Erin C. Dunn and Josie Geller)

    • Anxiety in Pregnancy and Postpartum

      (Nichole Fairbrother)

    • Breastfeeding: Cautions and concerns

      (Anne Price)

  • Experiences and Perspectives
  • Alternatives and Approaches
    • Moving Forward with Women's Addiction Treatment in BC

      (Carol Savage)

    • Good Drugs, Bad Drugs: Pregnancy, substances and social attitudes

      (Susan Boyd)

    • Substance Use and Indo-Canadian Women

      (Kalyani Vittala and Nancy Poole)

    • The 16 Steps for Discovery and Empowerment: An alternative to 12 Step programs

      (Candace Plattor)

    • Finding—and Sticking with—Medication that Works

      (Linda Pook)

    • Body Image and Physical Activity: New perspectives for self-care

      (Kate Maliha)

    • Focusing on Healing: Disordered eating, trauma, addictions

      (Judy Lyon)

  • Regional Programs
    • Changes in Substance Use, Violence and Stress Among Women in Transition Houses Rural Areas

      (Lucy McCullough, Natasha Jategaonkar, Lorraine Greaves, Cathy Chabot and Nancy Poole)

    • Structured for Success: Working with adults affected by FASD

      (Jeanette Turpin)

    • Harm Reduction and Housing: YWCA Crabtree Corner

      (Wendy Lund)

    • Fir Square at BC Women's Hospital: Maternity care and substance misuse

      (Yalile Seaman)

    • Effective Treatment for Women with Substance Use Problems: Aurora Centre's approach

      (Gail Malmo)

    • Seeking Solace and Safety: Trauma-informed training at Riverview

      (Kathleen Whipp)

    • Pregnancy Outreach Programs

      (Maria Burglehaus)

  • Resources