I received a diagnosis but I don’t think it’s right. What can I do?

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Author: Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division


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If possible, bring up your concerns with the professional who provided the diagnosis. That way, the professional can answer your questions and you can better understand their decision.

If that doesn’t resolve the situation or a follow-up appointment isn’t possible, you can ask for a second opinion. A second opinion is an assessment from a different professional. This can give you better understanding of what’s going on and what to do about it. Second opinions are common when it comes to major health decisions—you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings and your doctor will try to accommodate reasonable requests for a second opinion. Talk to your family doctor (or go to a walk-in clinic) to discuss your options and get a referral to a different program or health professional, if needed.

For more how to get a second opinion, see HealthLinkBC’s factsheet at www.healthlinkbc.ca.

For general tips on managing a diagnosis of a mental illness and working well with health care professionals, see HeretoHelp’s Managing a Mental Illness series.


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