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FamilySmart | Connecting with Kids: National Child & Youth Mental Health Day

National Child & Youth Mental Health Day

FamilySmart | Connecting with Kids: National Child & Youth Mental Health Day

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British Columbia: Virtual

We know that having caring, connected conversations can significantly impact the mental health of children and youth. Join us to listen to Kim Barthel talk about having more self-compassion, self-awareness and knowledge about the art and science of relationships. Our kids mean so much to us, and yet disconnection, dissociation and even the potential for self-harm is very real. A holistic and engaging story-teller, Kim will introduce the basics of attunement, attachment theory, trauma-sensitive practice, sustainable self-care and above all the power of connection and inclusion.

Kim Barthel is a Canadian occupational therapist, speaker, multi-disciplinary teacher, mentor and best-selling author who is active in supporting people in many contexts globally. Kim is passionate about understanding mental health, complex behaviour, neurobiology, movement, trauma-sensitive practice, attachment, sensory processing and learning. An advanced NDT (Neuro-Developmental Treatment) instructor, Kim has 39+ years of practice in helping people to be their best selves. She is a contributor to a number of textbooks on NDT, Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Trauma, and in 2019 Kim was honoured to receive the Award of Merit from the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy. Her overall mission, reflected in everything she does through Relationship Matters (the small company that she leads along with her husband and partner Bob Spensley) is to support the conscious evolution of the human spirit.

Please submit your question Kim Barthel about connecting with kids when you register, she will use these questions for the Q & A component of this event.

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