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Alcohol & Other Drugs

Getting Support and Staying Well

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When you're experiencing mental health and/or substance use challenges, it's useful to have resources to help you when you're struggling, and to stay well when you're feeling good. The BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information have lots of resources to help you achieve and maintain well-being.

Here are some examples:

Here to Help

  • Workbooks: Our workbooks and wellness modules are filled with information and resources that help improve your health and well-being and prevent relapse. They cover a wide range of skills, from building social support and managing anger to dealing with a diagnosis and working with treatment providers.

  • Information sheets: A wide selection of information sheets covering numerous topics related to mental health, mental illness and substance use. These information sheets provide some quick information on the topic and resources available to help family members, friends and people with lived experience get better and stay well.

  • Information and referral service: Need more help than our website resources can offer? Join 1000+ people who email us each year at [email protected] for help and connection to local services.

In the Know

  • Webinars that explore topics and provide tools related to child and youth mental health and substance use challenges for families and those working with young people and families. See our channels on "How-To: Practical Tips" and on "Home-Based," "School-Based" and age or diagnosis-specific webinars.

You and Substance Use resource

  • A workbook to help people reflect on their relationship with substances and consider the type of changes they might like to make.

Support Groups

  • Free, peer-led support groups for anyone with symptoms or diagnosis of a mood disorder (like depression, bipolar disorder) or anxiety disorder. Please feel free to drop in; you will be warmly welcomed.


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