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Mental Health

Managing Depression


The Managing Depression series of info sheets will help you cope with a diagnosis of depression, help you be an active partner in your health care and build good working relationships with health care providers, and help prevent relapse of depression.

Dealing with a Depression Diagnosis

What you’ll find | Information about the many different feeling many people experience when they receive a diagnosis, support in overcoming guilt or blame, more information about the process that health care providers might use, and tips for moving forward.Read Dealing with a Depression Diagnosis >>

Working With Your Doctor for Depression

What you’ll find | More information about the different care providers you might see, tips for talking with health care providers, and strategies to help you make decisions and solve problems. Read Working with your Doctor for Depression >>


Preventing Relapse of Depression

What you’ll find | Information and medication management and strategies to help you watch for early warning signs, build healthy coping skills, manage stress, and seek outside help when you need it. Read Preventing Relapse of Depression >>



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