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Mental Health

Managing Depression

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The Managing Depression series of info sheets will help you think through a diagnosis of depression, work well with doctors and other health care providers, and reduce the risk of relapse.

When You're Diagnosed with Depression

What you'll find | Receiving a diagnosis of depression can bring up complicated—even conflicting— feelings. Thinking through what a diagnosis means to you and how it matches your understanding of a problem can help you make sense of symptoms and figure out your next steps. Read When You're Diagnosed with Depression ⟶

Working with your Doctor When You Have Depression

What you'll find | Your treatment or management plan has to fit your needs and concerns, which means that you have to work with doctors and other health care providers and share your perspectives. This info sheet helps you communicate with health care providers, make the most out of appointment time, and work collaboratively. Read Working with your Doctor When You Have Depression ⟶

Preventing Relapse of Depression

What you'll find | Symptoms of depression may come back or worsen at times. People use terms like "relapse," "dips," and "blips" to describe this experience. While no one can guarantee that symptoms will never come back, simple strategies can help reduce the risk of relapse and get help when you need it. Read Preventing Relapse of Depression ⟶

Managing Depression series in Slovenian

An earlier version of these info sheets are available in Slovenian. The translation was done by and for a mental health agency concerned with depression and anxiety in Slovenia called DAM Society. The BC Partners have given permission for the modules to be translated, but we did not oversee nor fund the translation. The info sheets were reviewed by a bilingual mental health professional in Slovenia and minor adaptations were approved by the BC Partners.


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