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Schools + Campuses

Cannabis Legalization


Change & opportunity for schools

Author: Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research


Cannabis is now legal for adults in Canada. As a result, schools will face some new challenges. But new opportunities will emerge as well.

This guide provides schools with a framework to:


I am sitting in a university dorm room. It’s 2011. I’m surrounded by whirring machines, computers that are my portal to life outside this room. I can no longer physically leave this space; I’m trapped in a self-imposed isolation.

Schools + Campuses

Schools and campuses play an important role in building healthy communities, helping students and staff access mental health and substance use systems, and supporting students who experience mental health or substance use problems.

Schools + campuses

School or post-secondary education can be both rewarding and difficult. Dealing with increasing work load expectations and navigating social networks can be challenging for anyone. Substance use can be both a reaction to these changes and a source of extra challenges at school or on campus. Young people may also encounter or try substance for the first time at school or on campus.

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