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Tobacco is a plant that contains nicotine, a drug that speeds up activity in our central nervous system but has relaxing effects too. Tobacco is available in many forms, including cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff or snus (a powder that is sniffed or put between the lower lip or cheek and gums). Nicotine also is available in non-tobacco products, including gum, patches and other smoking cessation aids.


Health is a state of total well-being—physical, mental and social—helping us both survive and…

Humans have been using tobacco for many years for a variety of reasons. For some, tobacco has…

Visions article: Quittin' Time

A smoking cessation program for the BC Public Service Maureen Foxgord, BA, MPA Reprinted from "Workplaces" issue of Visions Journal, 2009 Read more

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