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When You Feel Overwhelmed

Visions staff

Reprinted from the Intergenerational Trauma issue of Visions Journal, 2023, 18 (2), p. 29

These activities can help calm and ground you when you feel overwhelmed.

Illustration to help with a breathing exercise

Place your finger on the green dot. Follow the arrow up and down, breathing in as you move up and down and you move down. See how slowly you can move through each wave. You can also visualize yourself moving up and down over each wave.

Illustration of a picture frame

Draw a place that makes you safe and happy. It can be real or imaginary. Focus on adding little details to make your place perfect for you. You can also take a few minutes to visualize your space, adding in lots of finishing touches.

Illustration for a sensory exercise

Look around you for items that match each circle. You can write or draw your items, or just name them in your mind.

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