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Letter to the Editor Policy

General guidelines

  • The maximum length of a Letter to the Editor is 250 words.

  • Letters to the Editor may be edited for length and clarity.

  • Visions will print no more than one letter per issue per writer.

  • Visions will only print letters that address a specific issue theme or article.

  • Visions reads all Letters to the Editor. The likelihood of publishing depends on the number of letters we receive.

We will not print material that is:

  • Potentially libelous
Libel is any unsubstantiated or untrue statement that damages someone else’s reputation. You can disagree with someone, but you can’t claim they did something damaging unless you can prove it.
  • Discriminatory on any grounds
This includes discrimination based on age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion or culture.
  • Obscene
This includes any statement that is vulgar, profane or offensive.
  • Threatening
This includes personal attacks, intimidation, bullying or threat of harm against a person or organization.
  • Copyrighted or printed in another publication
We assume all Letters to the Editor are original. We can’t print a letter you’ve sent to another publication.
  • Promotional
You may discuss resources that have helped you, such as a non-profit resource or a book, if it responds to an issue theme or article in Visions. If you’d like to promote your for-profit product, please see our advertising rates and deadlines.

Personal information

  • You must provide your full name and location to Visions. Your name and location are printed alongside your letter.

  • You can choose to withhold your name and/or location in print, but you still must provide this information to Visions.

  • If your letter identifies another person, please ask for their permission before you send your letter to Visions. For example, if you share a personal experience and mention a family member, please ask them if you can identify them in your letter. When you submit a letter to Visions, we assume that you’ve received consent from other people. Visions reserves the right to edit any letter to protect personal identity.

Copyright and reprint

  • The writer of a Letter to the Editor maintains copyright of their letter.

  • Visions may reprint a Letter to the Editor for use in related promotional materials. In this case, the writer is identified as a “Visions reader.”

  • Any other individual or organization must seek permission from the writer if they wish to reprint a Letter to the Editor. Visions will contact the writer to seek permission.


If you have any questions about the Visions Letter to the Editor policy, please email [email protected].

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