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When Seren had to share a culture as part of her class’ International Day, she picked Ukraine because she was too embarrassed of her own Indigenous culture. Even though she wanted a relationship with… read more
Jillian’s story of depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance use is a story of pain—and self-discovery. She recognizes her early warning signs and that ignoring or minimizing them means slipping down a… read more
Four months after my second child, a daughter, was born, I strolled along the boardwalk of Steveston pier with my husband, children, and my children's godparents. It was an unusually bright and warm… read more
Verne Smithman, 76, of Langley is proof that depression can strike any gender and any age.
Have you ever tried to put on a happy face when you weren't feeling bright and cheery?
My name is Rhea. I was born in Fort St. John in 1933. I've spent most of my life here in Fort St. John with my parents and siblings. I moved away on a number of occasions, but the support of family… read more

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