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HeretoHelp’s primary audience is individuals and family members with direct experience of mental health or substance use problems and those who want to prevent problems. While we don’t have many materials written directly for professionals, we know that our materials can be useful for clinicians and front-line professionals who would like to learn more and pass the information to their clients.

The resources you find on HeretoHelp support your work with clients and support skills that your clients may practice at home. You’ll find information on mental health and substance use topics for individuals and family and friends that are easy to understand, in-depth workbooks and activities, and information about programs and services in BC, including information in many languages. We recommend going to the Self-Help Resources tab and using the filters or going to the Personal Stories tab and sharing these as appropriate.

To order copies of publications on HeretoHelp for your clinic or practice, please see our order form.

For clinical or policy guidance, you may wish to visit the BC Ministry of Health, BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments, SFU Children’s Health Policy Centre or the Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addiction.

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