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How can I manage grief?


Author: Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division


While a lot of people think of grief in terms of losing a person or pet, grief can come up whenever you lose something important. This includes:

  • Losing security, like losing your job or wondering how long you'll be able to pay rent


Grief is the normal mix of thoughts, feelings and actions that happens when we lose something. Grief can have some of the same signs as depression, but grief and depression are not the same. Everyone feels grief when they lose something important, but everyone grieves differently. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.


Treatments: What Works?

It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to treatments for mental health or substance use problems. To add to the confusion, it isn’t always obvious who is basing their opinions on real evidence and who is not. And while we often hear people talk about evidence-based treatments, it’s also clear that complementary and alternative medicine approaches are helpful for some.

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