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Cannabis is the scientific name for the hemp plant. Its leaves and flowers—often called marijuana—contain a psychoactive (mind altering) resin that can affect how you feel, think and act. Like many drugs, there are both benefits and risks to using cannabis.


Treatments: What Works?

It seems like everyone has an opinion when it comes to treatments for mental health or substance use problems. To add to the confusion, it isn’t always obvious who is basing their opinions on real evidence and who is not. And while we often hear people talk about evidence-based treatments, it’s also clear that complementary and alternative medicine approaches are helpful for some.

Mending the Gaps

In the film CYCLES, a fictional drama based on research done at the University of British Columbia School of Nursing, we meet Lisa on her first day at a new school. Lisa settles in quickly—she joins the swim team, does well academically and has a boyfriend. Fast forward in time and we see Lisa smoking cannabis.


When we talk about mental illnesses and substance use problems, it’s easy to talk in clinical terms: that person has this symptom, or that person uses a certain drug. But recovery is so much bigger than a checklist.

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