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Within Reach

Within Reach

Highlighting mental health and substance use resources from HeretoHelp and our Partners

Welcome to HeretoHelp Within Reach! HeretoHelp Within Reach is a quarterly newsletter that highlights resources from HeretoHelp and the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information.

Read past issues of Within Reach

  • Issue 1: Resources to help British Columbians take care of their mental health and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Issue 2: Mental health and substance use resources for youth

  • Issue 3:Resources for families supporting a young person with a mental illness

  • Issue 4:Online tools and resources from our partner organizations that aim to educate, support, and connect British Columbians

  • Issue 5: Resources for tacking misinformation and conspiracy theories around health.

  • Issue 6:Resources for students and educators going back to school

  • Issue 7: Tools and resources when you want to change your substance use habits or support someone else along with tips for managing difficult holidays.

  • Issue 8: Housing as a Human Right issue of Visions, the benefits of time outdoors, and programs to help people access provincial and national parks

  • Issue 9: Online screening for body image and eating attitudes and resources about disordered eating and eating disorders

  • Issue 10: Programs and resources for people and families heading back to school or campus


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  • Within Reach: Resources from HeretoHelp
  • Jessie's Legacy eating disorders prevention resources, events and information

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