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Issue 7

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Welcome to HeretoHelp Within Reach! HeretoHelp Within Reach is a quarterly newsletter that highlights resources from HeretoHelp and the BC Partners for Mental Health and Substance Use Information.

Many people find that they use alcohol and other drugs more during holidays than other times of the year. As January begins, cutting back or quitting alcohol or another substance is a common New Year’s resolution. As we head into the holiday season, now is an excellent time to think through your own substance use, whether or not you need to make changes, and how you might start to make changes you would like to see in the coming weeks and months. This is also a great time to see how you can support a friend or family member who struggles with substance use.

From the BC Partners

Supporting People Who Use Substances: A brief guide for friends and family


When you're concerned about someone's substance use, it might be hard to know what to do or what to say—you may wonder if it's even your place to speak up and share you concerns or if you can do anything to help. Supporting People Who Use Substances: A brief guide for friends and family from the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research helps you evaluate how you can help and then guides you through prompts for caring and non-judgemental conversations so you can support someone you care about.

For more on substance use, check out these resources:

Get help

If you need help right away, call the Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service at any time at 1-800-663-1441 (604-660-9382 in the Lower Mainland). They can provide information and referrals to local services and are there to listen.

When the holidays aren't merry

Holidays can be a tough time of year for some people, especially when you experience a lot of pressure to put on a festive smile and celebrate. If you need extra help now or any time during the year, check out the following support groups and resources.

  • BC Schizophrenia Society Family Support Groups: For family members of people who experience a serious mental illness. Virtual and in-person support groups take place around the province. Visit to find your local group.

  • Mood Disorders Association of BC support groups: Virtual support groups for people who experience any mental illness. Visit to find a local group.

  • FamilySmart In The Know events: Holidays are Hard is a chance to connect with a FamilySmart Parent Peer Support Worker and other parents or caregivers in your area. Visit to find your local event.

  • Episode 6: Grief and Loss from Open Hearts Honest Conversation, a podcast from Family Services of the North Shore. Listen at

  • If you need help, information about local services, or just need to talk to someone, call the Mental Health Support Line at any time at 310-6789 (no area code).


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