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New Moms: Taking care

Luckily, there are many things you can do to feel more resilient and able to cope, even over the long term. The key is to build a tool kit of multiple strategies. The tricky part is that some of the most valuable strategies might actually increase distress in the short term, but are essential for making us feel better over time.

Structured for Success

Our agency has had the benefit of several research opportunities that focus on the lives of women and their families. We use a participatory action approach, and issues we have examined include family resiliency, mentoring at-risk young women, and better understanding how women recover from substance misuse. A theme that continually weaves through each of our research initiatives is fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) prevention.

Seeking Solace and Safety

Twenty years ago it was taboo to talk about violence and trauma while people were in contact with the mental health and addictions services where I worked. At that time, I was a graduate student in psychiatric social work and counsellor in an addictions recovery home for women. I also volunteered at two women’s centres that encouraged empowerment, creativity and peer support in recovery from trauma.

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