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A reminder that this article from our magazine Visions was published more than 1 year ago. It is here for reference only. Some information in it may no longer be current. It also represents the point of the view of the author only. See the author box at the bottom of the article for more about the contributor.

Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating


PDF | No. 16 (2002)


  • Editor's Message
    (Eric Macnaughton)

  • Changing Minds, Not Bodies
    ((guest editorial) Raine McKay)

  • Making the Connection: Disordered Eating in our Communities
    (Heather Lumley)

  • Fat is Only a Three Letter Word
    (Sandra Friedman)

  • Food, Emotions and Emotional Literacy
    (Pat Kitchener)

  • Exploring the Role that Ethnicity and Culture Play in Disordered Eating
    (Esther Kane)

  • Spirituality and Eating Disorders
    (Kristina Sandy)

  • Only Media Subjecting Women?

  • Growth-Fostering Relationships: Supporting Liberation from Eating Problems
    (Lynn Redenbach)

Experiences and Perspectives

  • From T.O.P.S. to Wreck Beach: A Journey of Disordered Eating
    (Dena Ellery)

  • Backyards to Play in

  • You Go, Girl

  • Silence the Judge, Release the Victim: A Lesson in Living
    (Holly Whalen)

  • A Journey to Recovery
    (Interview by Christina Wong)

  • Starving Silence: Eating Disorders in the Lesbian Community
    (Tania La Salle)

  • A Parent's Battle with the 'Monster' - Anorexia
    (Jeannie Caldwell)

  • Nourishing a Body with Self-Esteem
    (Doreen Dunn)

  • A Well-Balanced Dietary Deprivation: My Dangerously-Poor (Non) Eating Habits
    (Franke G. Sterle Jr.)

Alternatives and Approaches

  • Approaches to Dealing with Disordered Eating in Schools
    (Denise Hodgins)

  • Learning to Unlearn Nutrition: Finding Your Nutrition Truth
    (Jacqui Gringras)

  • Towards Filling the Empty Space: Dance and Drama Therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders
    (Tannis Hugill)

  • Making the Connection: Online Support for Disordered Eating
    (Heather Lumley)

  • The Emergence of Pro-Anorexia Web Sites
    (Karen Dias)

  • Addressing Motivational Issues in Eating Disorders
    (Josie Geller, Krista E. Brown, & Suja Srikameswaran)

Regional Programs and Resources

  • Healthy Attitudes Program: A Community Early Intervention and Prevention Approach
    (Janet Mittler)

  • South Fraser's Team of 12
    (Briar Patterson)

  • Kamloops Community Eating Disorders Program
    (Mary Lamoureux)

  • Kelowna Eating Disorders Program
    (Carol Graff)

  • Rural Reflections
    (Ellen Dearden)

  • Tertiary Services in BC
    (Alexis Beveridge)

  • Navigating the System: An Insider's Look

  • Eating Disorder Resource Centre of BC
    (Patricia O'Hagen)

  • The House of Mirrors Project
    (Raine Mckay)


  • Body Thieves
    (Book Review by Nicki Breuer)

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