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Visions Journal

Nourishing and Moving Our Bodies

PDF | EPUB | Vol. 19, No. 1 (2023)

Good food and good movement—whatever “good” means to you—are the foundations of health and well-being. Wellness is beyond micro and macronutrients, cardiovascular health or strength gains. Food and movement bring people together, whether it's through sharing a meal or playing together on a team. Unfortunately we live in a society that disrupts access to these benefits. We are faced with diet culture and expectations that encourage shame and disordered eating, inadequate incomes and supports, or literal barriers when recreational opportunities are not accessible to those who need them most and when privileges dictate who can access spaces. In this issue of Visions, writers share the benefits that food and movement bring into their lives, the roadblocks they confronted, and the compassion that comes from nourishing your own body and mind.  

The Big Picture

Stories + Strategies

Looking Ahead: Families, Friends and Substance Use


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