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Families and Crisis


PDF | Vol. 12, No. 4 (2017)

This issue of Visions explores families and crisis and how the entire family experiences a crisis when one person experiences a crisis. A family is any important person or group in your life outside of your treatment providers, be it a biological family or the family you’ve chosen. A crisis means mental health or substance use symptoms are worsening and that person needs additional help or treatment. When a loved one is ill, it’s only natural to feel upset, to worry about the future, to want to know how to help. Yet in some cases, family members may not even know a loved one’s diagnosis. They may not learn approaches that are helpful and resolve conflict. They may be left out of important care conversations and decisions. In this issue of Visions, see how recognizing families as assets in mental health care, not liabilities, can change lives


Experiences and Perspectives

Alternatives and Approaches


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