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PDF | Vol. 2, No. 3 (2004)

This issue looks at the role and experiences of families, particuarly families of young people, as the majority of mental illness first appears either in childhood, adolescence or young adulthood. It is also during these years that the family's role is most important, and when family support and involvement plays a crucial role in successfully managing the illness


  • Editor's Message
    (Eric Macnaughton)

  • Families as Partners for Mental Health
    (Nicole Chovil and Keli Anderson)

  • For Better or Worse: The impact of a child's mental disorder on the family – A review of the literature
    (Sarah Hamid-Balma)

  • Give the Relationship Some Oxygen
    (Keli Anderson)

  • Is 'Bad Parenting' the Chicken or the Egg?
    (Don Duncan)

  • Learning to Be a Different Kind of Parent
    (Susan Inman)

  • Men and Support Groups
    (Howard Fluxgold)

  • Dear Dad

  • Psychosis: A parent's perspective
    (Mike Singleton)

Experiences and Perspectives

  • Holding On While Letting Go: The contradictions of teenage mental illness

  • My Son Sam: He may have inherited more than he bargained for

  • Two Views of a Cup of Juice
    (Jan Lars Jensen)

  • The Mad Muslim: A South Asian, East African, Middle Eastern perspective on mental illness, abuse and family
    (Farah Tejani)

  • My Recovery: Safety, freedom and friends
    (Caroline Fei-Yeng Kwok)

  • Jessie's Hope
    (Diana Budden)

  • Gavin's Suicide: A mum's memorial and hope to understand a horrible and secret condition
    (Heather Craig)

  • My Role as a Teacher-Mother (Or is it Mother-Teacher?)
    (Donna Murphy)

Alternatives and Approaches

  • Engaging a Young Person in Care
    (Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division)

  • How to Deal with your Drug-Abusing Child? Try reversing roles
    (Jeff Thompson)

  • The Dance of Caring: Motivating young people to be involved in treatment
    (Connie Easton)

  • Family Education
    (Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division)

  • Emotional Impact Series [book review and resource list]
    (Jennifer Quan)

  • Finding Useful Health Information Online
    (Mykle Ludvigsen)

  • How Families Can Help Children Manage Problems with Anxiety
    (Melanie O'Neill)

  • A Family Story: An insider's look at growing up in a family unaware of mental illness and alcoholism
    (Murphy Kennedy)

  • When Someone You Love Is Depressed: How to help your loved one without losing yourself [book review]
    (Pat Merrett)

Regional Programs

  • Chinese Family Support Groups in Vancouver
    (Sophia Woo and Raymond Li)

  • Peer Support for Parents of Psychosis Sufferers
    (Nicole Chovil)

  • The Art of Involving Families at CAPE
    (Deb Kinvig)

  • Donnie Darko: Youth mental illness on film
    (Analee Weinberger and Harry Karlinsky)

  • Perennials: A Survivor and Thriver of Manic Depression
    (Tara) (online only)


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