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Visions Journal

Visions—Having a Baby


PDF | Vol. 7, No. 3 (2012)

Most people assume that pregnancy and postpartum (after birth) should be the happiest, most joyful times in our lives. The reality is that mental health challenges, including mental illnesses, may emerge or worsen during pregnancy and postpartum. Postpartum depression is well-known, but women can also experience depression during pregnancy, symptoms related to anxiety, or even psychosis. The good news is that early recognition, treatment and support can have an enormous impact on women, men, and their families. You’ll see this theme throughout the issue—be it care through a supportive health care team, peer support, or loved ones. Another common theme, though, is the stigma and stereotypes that women still experience: the assumption that a woman will hurt her baby and the assumption that prior substance use problems exclude a woman from raising a family are just two examples you’ll read. Fortunately, we are moving forward. In this issue, you’ll find helpful information on treatment strategies, as well as programs and resources here in BC.


Experiences and Perspectives

Alternatives and Approaches


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