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Visions Journal

Housing as a Human Right

PDF | EPUB | Vol. 17, No. 2 (2022)

This issue is called Housing as a Human Right, but really, housing is a human right. Safe, adequate housing is a critical component of health and well-being, for both physical health and mental health. It helps people live with dignity and respect, and feel included in communities regardless of their income or net worth. Housing is the physical space that contains our lives, histories, cultures, goals, accomplishments, and challenges, but far too many people are excluded from a safe, dignified home—or any home, in some cases. In this issue of Visions, writers share how poor housing impacts so many aspects of a person’s life, how secure housing can help people weather life’s ups and downs, and how housing that recognizes cultural, social, and other needs builds communities.

The Big Picture

Stories + Strategies

Looking Ahead: How’s Work? Life in the Workplace


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