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PDF | Vol. 7, No. 2 (2011)

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, social and economic status may be the most important determinants of health—that is, the most important factor that contributes to (or takes away from) your health. Your economic situation may have a greater impact on your health than your social environment, physical environment, or even genetics. No one single factor determines your health, but they are related and they do work together. For example, if you are unemployed, you may not be able to afford decent housing, healthy food and education. All of these factors also affect our health. We also know that people dealing with mental health or substance use concerns are also over-represented among low-income British Columbians. People may be left with the fewest resources when they need them the most. Our current social assistance system can create further cycles of poverty by discouraging movement into the workforce. In this issue of Visions, learn more about the relationship between income and its effect on our well-being.


  • Editor's Message
    (Sarah Hamid-Balma)

  • More Than Dollars and Cents
    (Catharine Hume)

  • Where Do We Stand on Income?
    (Stephanie Wilson)

Experiences and Perspectives

  • Bipolar Disorder, Reckless Spending
    (Pat Merrett and Marguerite)

  • Measures Of Our Worth
    (Frank Sterle, Jr.)

  • Walking a Financial Tightrope Into the Future

  • Enriching Your Income and Your Life: An effective approach for consumers/survivors
    (David Chernochan)

Alternatives and Approaches

  • When You Are Unable to Work: A look at disability benefits
    (Diane Champagne and Dan Eisner)

  • Getting By on Social Assistance: Navigating the 'welfare' system
    (Robin Loxton)

  • More for Less: A guide to living well on a small income
    (Jim Howell, Annie Davidson, Deborah LInthout and Alexander Barclay)

Regional Programs

  • PovNet: An online anti-poverty resource
    (Lindsay Nielsen)


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