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Visions Journal

Visions—Young People


PDF | Vol. 9, No. 2 (2013)

We talk about ‘child and youth mental health’ but this is such a broad and diverse term. Teens in the ‘child and youth’ system and young people in the ‘adult’ system have a lot in common—and their own unique needs and perspectives. This issue of Visions focuses on teens and young adults. You’ll learn what is and isn’t working for BC young people in mental health and substance use systems, and how they envision better, more relevant services. You’ll find stories from young people who experienced mental health and substance use challenges while they were also navigating important life transitions. You’ll hear from family members who have supported a loved one. Finally, you’ll also learn more about exciting and innovative programs here in BC and across Canada.


Experiences and Perspectives

Alternatives and Approaches


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