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Visions Journal

Growing Up in a Digital World

PDF | EPUB | Vol. 18, No. 1 (2023)

It’s easy to feel like you just don’t measure up when you compare the mundane tasks and responsibilities of everyday life against carefully curated portrayals of life that are designed to sell an aesthetic, ideal, or product. But for some people, social media and other platforms can be a useful tool that keeps them connected. There are a lot of negative assumptions around behaviours like binge watching and playing video games for long periods of time, but those behaviours can also be useful in some situations. As you’ll learn from this issue of Visions, growing up in a digital world means understanding yourself and what makes you feel well so you can embrace new technologies and tools that add meaning while recognizing when an option or behaviour isn’t helping you and needs to change.

The Big Picture

Stories + Strategies

Looking Ahead: Intergenerational Trauma


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